We all love our family pets, but we all know that pets can be accident prone. Younger pets during house training, pets that are left home all day and older pets can all leave undesirable spots in the carpet. Most times, pet owners can get to the mess quickly and take care of most of it. There is still some residue behind, and the pet will continue returning to the spot over and over again.
As the stain dries, it becomes alkaline and much more difficult to remove. A permanent stain is possible if left for too long.

Redbeard Carpet Cleaning can help with pet soiling problems as well as the entire home. Most times, basic carpet cleaning is all that is necessary. Sometimes more is required. It is rare, but it does Colorado Springs pet odor cleanuphappen.

Redbeard has three ways to treat pet stains on home carpet:

  1. Minor – A commercial grade deodorizer is often enough for the most basic of pet soiling. It is safe to use for people and pets. The deodorizer is an enzyme that engulfs the bacteria and helps to reduce or eliminate the odor. This is a superficial treatment and is primarily for fresh stains that the home owner has dabbed up previously.
  2. Moderate – This is a basic carpet cleaning. The spot is saturated with a water, deodorizer and detergent mixture and is suctioned back up with our commercial grade equipment. This treatment will go all the way to carpet padding and sub-floor.
  3. Major – If you walk into a room and immediately smell the pet odors, this is a major cleaning project. This is reserved only if there will be no more pets in the home, the house is going up for sale or some other major reason. Carpet is pulled, and the padding is discarded. The carpet itself gets a thorough, deep cleaning with deodorizers, detergents and enzymes to neutralize the odors completely. The sub-floor, baseboards and backing are treated before laying the carpet back down. This is the absolute best and final way to eliminate pet odors and stains. This is a special project, and the costs vary depending on each unique situation.

We at Redbeard Carpet want to help keep your carpets in tip-top, showroom quality shape. Contact us if you have pet stains, odors or any stains in your carpet. Our technicians will come to you at a convenient time to schedule an inspection and no obligation quote. Call, email or fill out the information form on the website. We look forward to serving you.