carpet maintenanceOnce your carpet is professionally cleaned, there are a few things you can do to keep it in good shape until the next time you call Redbeard Carpet Cleaning to come in for another professional cleaning.


Adjust the vacuum to the height recommended for your carpet. Set too low and it could damage the fibers. Set too high and it won’t pick up dirt. Once it’s set, let the vacuum start pulling itself forward before you gently push it. Investing in a good vacuum cleaner is a good idea as well.


Place mats at the entry door. Encourage everyone to clean their shoes thoroughly before coming inside. Less dirt tracked inside means less work for you and more life for your carpet. You may even ask that guests take their shoes off before entering your home.


Stains are a primary reason people call on the pros at Redbeard Carpet Cleaning. We understand that. You can minimize stains by working to get them up as soon as they happen. Most stains will actually come out completely if you get to them immediately. Use paper towels to get as much moisture up as possible. Then blot with a wet towel. Try to avoid scrubbing as it can break the carpet fibers.


We don’t recommend using commercial cleaners on carpets for a number of reasons. A gentle steam cleaner is a good way to clean your carpet every few months. You just have to remember to keep the cleaner moving.

Do not hover in one place, even over a really bad stain. You don’t want to soak the carpet. Get the carpet wet all the way down and you could develop mold and mildew problems. If the stain is that bad, call Redbeard and let us take care of it.


Carpet companies recommend a professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months, depending on the amount of traffic. If things are really bad, call in the pros at Redbeard Carpet Cleaning. It’s easier for us to clean up problems if we get there quickly.

Want to schedule an appointment? Do you just need more information? Either way, let us hear from you and we’ll be in touch ASAP.