Accident Prone Pets – What Can You Do?

We all love our family pets, but we all know that pets can be accident prone. Younger pets during house training, pets that are left home all day and older pets can all leave undesirable spots in the carpet. Most times, pet owners can get to the mess quickly and [...]

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Carpet Maintenance: Tips from the Pros

Once your carpet is professionally cleaned, there are a few things you can do to keep it in good shape until the next time you call Redbeard Carpet Cleaning to come in for another professional cleaning. SET THE VACUUM Adjust the vacuum to the height recommended for your carpet. Set [...]

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Keeping Hardwood Flooring in Top Shape

There are few things more sublime in a home than hardwood floors. The durability against staining and daily use as well as the warm home feeling hardwood brings to a home is something that can add true value. Those who want to keep their floors looking like they were just [...]

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Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning tile and grout is not just a weekly or bi-weekly house cleaning chore; it is actually a necessary part of keeping the tile and grout in the best possible shape. Thorough cleaning also helps increase the life of the tile and grout in the home. Tile and grout have [...]

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Tips for Getting the Most from Your Natural Stone

Natural stone is beautiful and long lasting. To get the maximum amount of life from natural stone, it does need proper care. Here are our best tips for taking care of your natural stone surfaces. Use a stone cleaner or a mild dishwashing soap and warm water. Several companies make [...]

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