hardwood flooringThere are few things more sublime in a home than hardwood floors. The durability against staining and daily use as well as the warm home feeling hardwood brings to a home is something that can add true value. Those who want to keep their floors looking like they were just installed recognize the necessity of some routine maintenance. Here are a few tips to keep your hardwood floors looking as good as new for a long time.

Keep it clean – This should be a no brainer, but small bits of dirt and sand can scuff a hardwood floor (it is not called sandpaper for nothing). Keep the floor swept, vacuumed or dusted on a regular basis for the best results. Be sure a vacuum cleaner is set for bare floors; the beater bar may scratch and mar the floor. It’s a good idea to wipe the floors weekly with a damp mop. A hardwood floor cleaner is also recommended on a regular basis.

Spills and stains – Hardwood does not stain easily, but if a liquid sits for too long it will damage or stain. Clean spills quickly and with a clean cloth. Gum, wax and other substances may require a bit more elbow grease.

Things to Avoid – Some cleaning products are not designed for hardwood floors. Avoid cleaners that you would use in the bathroom. No ammonia, bleach or scouring powders – these can stain a floor.

Floor protectors – High traffic areas can benefit from a rug. Do not use rugs with a rubber backing, as these can stain or leave residue that is difficult to remove.

Felt furniture pads – Use these under heavy furniture like sofas and recliners. Do not slide furniture if you are moving or rearranging. Lift furniture or use a piece of carpet to slide it safely.

There you have it; some excellent ways to keep hardwood floors in top shape for years to come. For more tips like these, contact the floor care specialists at Redbeard Carpet Cleaning today.