Upholstery Cleaning Colorado Springs

Children, pets, and everyday wear and tear do a number on your upholstery. Are you tired of having to cover up those juice stains with accent pillows and throws? Or what about that spoiled milk odor you just can’t seem to locate? Don’t give up hope! Our professional upholstery cleaning technicians have years of experience cleaning all types of upholstered furniture.

Our professional cleaning service covers every type of fabric, even leather, on your furniture. When we come to clean your couch, ottoman or favorite chair, the first thing we’re going to do is clean a small section.

We’re going to show you:

  • Our cleaners will not harm your furniture.
  • Our cleaning will bring vibrant life back to your settee.
  • Our cleaning takes care of those smells that pets seem to grind into the couch.

When you are satisfied with the difference our cleaning marks, we’ll clean every piece of furniture you tell us to.

We start with a thorough vacuuming. This picks up pet hair and dander and surface items that are part of the overall problem, but not causing stains. Sometimes what we vacuum up is causing the funny odors. We go deep. We’re even going to get down inside the gears of your favorite recliner.

Then we do the heavy cleaning. Our professional-grade equipment is both stronger and safer than products and gear you can buy or rent at department stores. When it’s clean, we set things up to dry. You don’t have to wait overnight or longer to go back to using your furniture.

Best of all, you decide when we should be there. You call for the appointment; we show up on time.

upholstery cleaning Colorado SpringsFurniture cleaning is a job for professionals who know the different materials and fabrics included in upholstery. Our multi-step cleaning process removes contaminants, leaving you with a fresher and cleaner home. Most fabrics are dry and ready to use in a few hours.

Let our highly trained staff of professionals at Redbeard Carpet Cleaning bring out your furnishings’ beauty.

Give us a call at (719) 493-5957 to schedule an initial consultation and free estimate on upholstery cleaning.

We’ll help you get your carpet bright and clean. All you have to do is Make The Appointment!